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Corporate Advocacy Program

Why Corporate Advocacy



Whether on Web Warning or somewhere else, people are going to talk about your business.

The internet has liberated the channels of expressing your opinions and views, and one can express himself by chatting, blogging, video sharing or social media posts, whenever, however and to whoever they want. In fact, Web Warning is one of those portals where we have dedicated community where people can talk about companies whom, they think, have ripped them in some way. Whether true or not, this is the First Amendment Right and you can't take it away. How about your right, as a business owner.

If your business has been reported against, you might be asking yourself these questions.

  1. How can I get this complaint removed so that it doesn't appear on search engines?

  2. How do I resolve this complaint and similar other complaints on different sites?

  3. How do I point out and sort the issue, about the product, service or customer service, which is occurring most frequently?

  4. How do I make sure that this doesn't happen again?

Every business is different so what worked for Bob might not work for you. Secondly, because we are married to the product we sell, service we offer or the business policy we adopt, it is very difficult to see the fault or confess its existence. This is where Web Warning’s Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) comes in as the perfect solution.

Our CAP (Corporate Advocacy Program) helps both the customers and the business owners, greatly. We can help you to point out and fix the operational, organizational or product issues which are recurring and generate the maximum number of complaints. However, you can choose your own course as well. You can write rebuttal to the reports filed against you and this service is completely free. But, if you want to increase the customer satisfaction rating of your business and maintain a solid online reputation, choose CAP. First, though, understand our philosophy.

We strongly believe that whether good or bad, true or false, complaints are made and customers will share those. If there are no complaints against your business, it is only a matter of time before they come.

To survive and thrive in the fiercely competitive business arena, the businesses must be proactively listen to and resolve their customer complaints. We believe that businesses should go by the old saying of “the customer is always right” and make them happy. This is no easy task and its not fair either, not always, but then, that;s business for you.

If you have multiple reports against your business, our Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) is ideal for you. Despite of the big name, the program is very simple. We used our experience of customer complaints handling into play and have designed CAP in a way that the business owners can regain control over their customer service and help them troubleshoot recurring issues easily.

Click here to see what Corporate Advocacy Program can do for you.