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Consumer Advocates
Experienced Business People

If you consider yourself a consumer advocate, we would love your service! Lawyers, retired judges, business managers or evangelist are all welcome.

Do you want to help customers who have been victimised? Serve customers, clients and consumers of different businesses within your home state or anywhere in the US you are comfortable.

Email us your background (you can find the email at the bottom of the page) and tell us how you can help us. You can earn a great reputation by hitting the headlines if you choose to help victims of consumer rip-off.

This is a great opportunity to use your experience, skill and knowledge to help innocent customers to fight different scams. A volunteer is expected to offer recommendations and support to the victims, enabling them to fight back. You will help them to fight corruption, deceptions and scams successfully.

Every day we get to hear from customers who have been ripped off. Lawyers tell them how costly, long or expensive the legal battle might be and how it just isn't worth it.

Please include the following information in your background information.

  • Home state, city and state of interest.

  • Areas of expertise

  • How many cases can you handle weekly or monthly.

Click on the following link or send us a mail to