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VIP Arbitration

Get The Record Straight | VIP Arbitration Program

As Web Warning doesn't have the internal resources to investigate any report which a business might claim as false, we have always allowed the accused company to post a free rebuttal of the report. Some people out there might consider this inadequate. People have asked for more. People want to prove the report false. People demanded independent investigation. Most importantly, people want that these false reports to be removed from our website. That's why we developed the VIP arbitration program, in response to the emails and phone calls we receive from individuals and businesses alike, those people who have worked dedicatedly to build a great reputation and their reputation is under threat or being tarnished due to a false report on Web Warning.

We have signed contracts with private and independent arbitrators who have enough experience of these matters, including retired judges of court, to preside over and determine the truth about a certain situation, in a documented arbitration process. You need to submit a written application of arbitration mentioning the false statements in the report or explain that the report was posted by a competitor, posing as a buyer. You can support your claim with additional documents and evidences and sworn testimonies. Those facts which are found to be false by our arbitrators will be removed or redacted from the original report.

Frankly speaking, if there are only a few reports about your company on Web Warning, this program may be perfect for you.

How the VIP Arbitration Process Works

As explained in the program guide, to start the process, you need to provide Web Warning with three things, a signed copy of our Arbitration Agreement, a complete copy of your arbitration statement which you want our arbitrator to review along with every supporting evidences like documents, images or witness statements (read more about the last one in the Program Details) and the proper arbitration fee. The fee for arbitration starts at $2,000 and more is charged if the work is more. We will not start the arbitration process until all of these are provided to us.

Anyone asking for the arbitration has the onus of proving which means that if you claim something in the report to be untrue, you must offer supportive evidences for that. If you fail to provide such evidences, in most of the cases, the arbitrator will assume that you have failed in your duties. This is true in case the author is not contesting the arbitration.

What evidence do we need? That depends totally on the statements you want to challenge. For example, if any report claims that you are a loan defaulter, you might produce statements of bank to prove that the debt was paid off. If someone claims that you never shipped their product, you might want to produce a shipping receipt or a delivery acceptance receipt. If you don't have any document supporting your claim, its fine. You can still provide a witness’ statement on the provided form to explain your side of the story. In our arbitration program, witness statements and your own statements are treated as evidences as long as the statement is properly declared and that the witness (or you) has personal knowledge of the events or facts which are being disputed. If the statement fails to clarify how the witness got first hand knowledge of the issue, we will place little or no weight on it.

Once we have your duly filled Arbitration statement and supporting evidences, including the properly signed Arbitration agreement and payment towards the arbitrator’s services charges and other costs associated with the program is done, we will send the arbitration statement and the related evidences to the author of the report. This is done confidentially and unless the author explicitly wants to come forward, you will not get the name or contact of the author. To know more about how to get information about any author, please click here.

Once we send the  Arbitration statement and supporting evidences to the author, the author has 20 days to respond to it. The program doesn't require the author to respond and lack of response from the author doesn't automatically bring the verdict in your favour. Every case will be judged by the arbitrator, depending on the merit of the evidences. If the author sends us a response, we will send the same to you and give you 2 weeks to respond or provide us with additional information.

After we receive your final communication or there is no communication from your side, we will send all the information provided by both the parties to the arbitrator. The arbitrator will review every provided material and come up with his decision within 14 days.

As explained in the program guide, if the arbitrator is convinced that there are factually wrong statements in the report, it will be removed and redacted from the original report. The title of the original report will also be updated and state that the matter has undergone our arbitration program. This doesn't mean that the entire report will be removed. The remaining true statements which were not contested or found false by the arbitrator will remain “as is” on the website. Please review our rules of arbitration program for more information on this topic.

FAQ Regarding the VIP Arbitration Program

Q: What does VIP mean?
A: VIP is Voluntary, Impartial, and Private.

Q: If I am the original writer of a report and I want to edit or remove it via VIP arbitration program. Can I do this?
A: No. As we have said multiple times on our website, the report created by an author remains on our website’s permanent records. It is the policy of Web Warning for over a decade now to not remove reports. You can know more about this policy by clicking HERE. The VIP arbitration program is for those businesses and/or individuals who have been mentioned in a report on Web Warning. Thus, the original author can not challenge his own statements in a report. However, the author is free to submit a free update on the report, mentioning that the issue has been resolved or that they were mistaken when they wrote the report. Anyone seeing the original report will also see this post.

Q: Which Reports or statements can be arbitrated?
A: As explained in the program rules, only facts can be arbitrated. To say this in another way, as opinions ( John Snow is a horrible person) can not be proven true or false, we can not allow arbitration of statements which are purely opinion. If an arbitrator feels that the disputed statement is an opinion and not a fact, he will withhold from issuing any decision on that matter. Please keep this in mind while you consider whether to challenge a report using VIP Arbitration program or not. However, the programs rules allow some leeway to the arbitrators, who, at their sole discretion, can review statements made in any report against our existing Terms of Services and redact those statements as they perceive, based upon all the circumstances and presented evidences, are violating our Terms of Service.

Q: If the Arbitrator favours me, will you remove the entire report?
A: NO. Even if the arbitrator rules in your favour and decides that one or more statements to be false, we will not remove the complete report. We will simply remove the false parts of the report, redact it. The whole page will not be removed nor will we move the page to another URL. All we will do is to update the title of the report accordingly. If you don't know what we mean, please search for ‘arbitrator’ on our website and you will see several reports which were submitted to VIP Arbitration program. This will give you a general idea about how a report looks after a successful arbitration process.

Q: How long does the arbitration process take to complete?
A: It depends on the author, whether he chooses to respond or not. If he doesn't respond, the whole process will finish within 30 days. However, if the author chooses to respond, the process will take at least 60 days or more.

Q: Are the Arbitrators neutral? What role Web Warning plays in the whole process?
A: Web Warning has signed contracts with two professional arbitrators to judge and decide on these cases for us. Our present panel !!br0ken!!

  • Name 1

  • Name 2

  • Name 3

If you want more information about the background and qualifications of these arbitrators, please visit their websites. As for Web Warning, we are just the mediators and all we do is to transfer information between two parties and the arbitrator and has no role in the decision making process. All decisions are made by our arbitrators and those are dependent only on the evidences provided by both the parties.

Q: I want the author's real identity, will I get that via arbitration?
A: NO. The author is free to share his real name with you during the arbitration process but this is not compulsory on him. If you want the name of an anonymous author from us, you can get it without joining the arbitration program. To know more about how to get this information, please CLICK HERE or browse our pages on legal issues.

Q: What if the author’s e-mail address doesn't work and they can't be contacted for arbitration? Can I still move on with the arbitration?
A: Yes. According to the program rules, if the email id provided by the author to Web Warning doesn't work when we try to send him an email to invite him to participate in the arbitration process, we will assume that the author has waived off his rights to participate in the arbitration. However, this does not mean that the arbitrator will immediately issue a verdict in your favour. You still need to prove that the facts you are challenging are actually false.

Q: If I ask for arbitration and if the Arbitrator decides in my favour, will Web Warning stop the particular author from posting the same complaint on Web Warning again?
A: Yes. The VIP Arbitration program doesn't have a monitoring component benefit, as we have explained in the program guide. If you win the argument, we will not allow the same author to post similar allegations, to which statements have been found false by our arbitrators, against you again in the future.

Q: I feel that the author of the report is a competitor and not a customer. The report contains mostly opinions and not facts. I know that I can only arbitrate facts but what if the report is indeed written by a competitor? Can I dispute the real identity of the author?
A: Yes. If you believe that the author of the report is a customer, you can submit the report to our VIP Arbitration program even if you only want to dispute the real identity of the author, even if the report contains nothing but opinions. As stated in the program guide, you can challenge the “role of the author”, which means you challenge that the author is not your real customer, the arbitrator will decide on the issue. If the arbitrator finds that the report is not from a real customer, the title of the report will reflect that information.

Q: Why do you charge for the VIP Arbitration Program?
A: Firstly Web Warning is a free website and we charge our users nothing who want to post about their experiences and if you feel that you are wrongly victimised, we offer free alternatives. We will not charge you anything if you wan to post a rebuttal of the report including uploading supportive documents, images and more. Many people email us to tell that they have sufficient proof that a report is false. If the case is so, we always allow companies and individuals t submit a free rebuttal along with all the evidences they have. If the evidences are really overwhelming, then a FREE REBUTTAL is all you need to get your name cleaned. You can find a RESPOND button which you can use to submit your rebuttal under every Web Warning report. Everyone makes mistakes, how they handle the complaints on these mistakes separates the goods ones from the bad.

However, many people want more as they feel that the rebuttal option is insufficient. That is why we created the VIP Arbitration program, to give them another alternative. We understand that many of you want the arbitration program to be free or at least, lower the starting price of the program, $2000. however, given the amount of time and work needed in this process doesn't allow us that. Contrary to popular belief, each arbitration case takes a long time to administer and then the arbitrators are highly skilled people who don't work for free neither come for cheap. People who have the experience, expertise and training to arbitrate often charge as high as $500 per hour or more for their time and effort. Irrespective of the time spent on every case, our arbitrators have asked us for a flat fee for the services they render. Taking into consideration that lawsuits can cost more that $100,000 and can go on for years, we feel hat the cost of our VIP Arbitration program is nominal and fair.

Yes, I need the VIP Arbitration Program!

You have studied the information of our VIP Arbitration program on how it works, the program rules and regulation and now you want to get going. To get all the documents you need, please download and review each of these documents:

  • Program Guide (PDF Document)

  • Agreement of Arbitration (PDF Document)

  • Statement of Witnesses (Microsoft Word Document); and

  • Arbitration statement of the complainant (Microsoft Word Document)

Please study our Program rules very carefully before you start to prepare your Arbitration statement of the complainant for  VIP Arbitration Program. Once you have prepared it, you need to return the duly executed Arbitration Agreement of VIP Arbitration Program, Arbitration statement of the complainant and the supporting evidences, including documents, statement of witnesses and your check payable to Warning Report Inc. of the correct amount and send everything to the address as mentioned in the program document.

Misc. Important Information

If you have more questions on how our VIP Arbitration program works, please go through the program rules which explain the programs in great details. If you have questioned which are not answered above or within the program rules, please feel free to send an email to info@warningreport.com

For legal reasons, Web Warning, our legal department or our other staffs can not answer questions like whether our VIP Arbitration program or any other paid program is really the best suited program for your particular purpose. Any such questions should be consulted with a local attorney who can advise you better on these issues.

The email mentioned above is only to be used to enquire about our VIP Arbitration program and not for other general enquiries like debating the authenticity of a report or asking us to remove a report. As we receive a large number of reports, emails containing arguments about the authenticity of any report or demands for removing a report sent to that address will be ignored and we will not respond to those.

If you have more than a couple of reports and you own a business, you might want to look and consider other paid programs we have, including the Web Warning Corporate Advocacy Program or CAP, for short.  Please click here to know more about Corporate Advocacy Program.

If you have any question regarding our Corporate Advocacy Program or CAP,please send an email to info@warningreport.com.