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Warning Report Verified™

Web Warning Verified™
Businesses That Are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We all receive complaints. How we handle these complaints is what separates good business from bad ones.

Its not easy to earn the Web Warning Verified status. One needs to earn it with superior customer service and satisfaction. Web Warning, through a few paid membership programs, has helped hundreds of businesses to take proper steps towards sustainable customer satisfaction and earn the status of Web Warning Verified™.

In order to earn the Verified™ status from Web Warning, to advertise you Web Warning Verified™ logo and to remain a member of this coveted program, the program members must do the following.

  • At the start of the program, allow a third-party verifier to conduct an on-site inspection, including taking photographs to prove that the company is actually a business house and conduct interviews with more than one employees to learn more about how the business operates in general.

  • Provide a written commitment to provide superior client satisfaction about their products and services.

  • Provide a written commitment of attending to each and every customer complaints registered on Web Warning, in the past, present and future, swiftly (within 2 weeks), satisfactorily and fairly with a slight bias towards customer’s desire, when and if possible and needed.

  • Allow Web Warning to contact past clients, who submitted complaints, via email, if the program involves past records or reports, with a subject line like “[Your Business Name] contacted Web Warning to make things right for their past clients..”.

Web Warning Verified™ membership status helps the customers to have increased confidence when dealing with the member business as they are assured of the commitment you have made on customer satisfaction.

What Does This Mean For The Consumer?

When a company joins this program from Web Warning after taking the necessary steps to earn the Web Warning Verified™ badge, that member business is committed to us, in written, to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, within reason. What does this mean? It means:

  • If a customer complains about any of the member businesses, that business house will respond to each and every complaints within 3 days or less.

  • As there is time pressure on the member business to attend to the customer complaints, there is not much scope for gamesmanship. A customer of the member business can expect that their complaints will be taken care of seriously. They will be treated with respect and sincerity and the complaints will be handled by someone who has the authority to fix the issue.

If a customer doesn't get what he was promised or what they expected, the company will work on the issue till the issue is resolved with customer satisfaction. Our member businesses know that every business will get complaints as we all make mistakes and misunderstanding is frequent, but the member businesses are committed to addressing this issues fairly, honestly and offer perfect customer satisfaction to their clients.

To Be Biased Towards The Customer

When a company is a member of our Web Warning Verified™ program and earns the status,it means Web Warning will work as a liaison between the company and their customers. If a customer requests a refund and we feel that the claim is justified, we expect the company to issue a prompt refund to the customer. In this way, we are biased towards the customers and their demands. As some of the refund requests are just baseless, there is no guarantee that every claim will be entertained. However, Web Warning will always try to get a refund for the customer whenever justified or will do whatever makes things right for the customer, even if that means going beyond a simple refund. Going beyond the standard practices is a must for great businesses.

Making things right can mean a lot of things, with different people interpreting it differently, but all we say is, by working closely with the company in their effort to resolve any issues the customer might be facing, Web Warning can get a feel of the customer service to ensure whether the member business is doing everything under their control to treat the customer honestly and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

As facilitators of these programs, we are committed to follow up with our member businesses wherever it is needed. The customer satisfaction team realises that despite their best efforts, some of the members might not find a solution to every customer complaint. However, it is the commitment, willingness and the effort to satisfy the clients who are making justified demands that we note. Going beyond the limit to satisfy a customer is one of the important conditions of earning the Web Warning Verified™ badge and we expect that from every member business.

We All Receive Complaints. How We Handle These Complaints Is What Separates Good Business From Bad Ones.

Read about Web Warning Verified™ Program. This program is for businesses who were not reported against, on Web Warning, and are committed to maintain the record clean by providing written commitment to the customers, which is a required condition of earning the Web Warning Verified™ badge. These businesses will do more than other businesses to earn customer satisfaction.

Read about Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP). This program is for companies who received complaints on Web Warning previously but have promised to take care of these past complaints, have changed their ways so these mistakes are not repeated and have written down commitments towards complete customer satisfaction in future and have earned the Web Warning Verified™ status. These companies are completely committed to customer satisfaction.

Do you wish to have a look at the list of the companies who have made written commitments towards superior customer satisfaction to earn Web Warning Verified™ status? You can always search the Web Warning Verified™ Business Directory. Most of these businesses are listed there.

Did Any Of Our Business Members Not Take Care Of You?

We take the commitments of superior customer satisfaction made by our business members very seriously. While we don't approve of any individual or competitor business exploiting the commitment made by our members to gain some type of upper-hand in the market, we will simply remove a member and take away the advantages of the programs from the member for failing to honour the commitment blatantly. We have removed member businesses for failing to honour the commitment before. We don't believe in businesses taking unfair advantage of the badge and failing their customers.

If you, the customer, feel that a member business is not making things right for you and they have not responded to you, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Consider the type of the issue and take the company’s situation in consideration. Work in a professional and courteous manner with the company to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

  • Contact the customer support department of the member business via email. Write specificity about your issue and and the situation, so that the person who will work on that has a clear understanding.

  • Always copy Web Warning at info@warningreport.com in your emails to the customer support of the member business. Check which email id to use by going to the business directory and checking which program the member business has subscribed to. Please include us in the resolution you reached with the company, if you reach one. This will help us document everything properly. Please mention the name of the member business in the subject lines of these emails so we can keep a track of which company and member business you are dealing with.

  • If the issue continues without any resolution and nobody from Web Warning has intervened yet, please write an email to Web Warning at info@warningreport.com , whichever program the business is a member of as per the directory listing, explaining the development till date and ask for personal assistance regarding a resolution of the matter.