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  • Estimated money Consumers saved since 1998: $15,449,000,000.68
  • Reports filed: 17

In The Media

Media Coverage of Web Warning

Web Warning is a web veteran and since inception we have led the crusade against fraudulent business practices. Not only we provide an open and accessible forum for all victimised consumers of frauds, scams and deception to warn other consumers, we proactively feed reports of suspicious business practices to the media so a larger audience can be warned. Many of these stories have been featured on primetime television and interviews of whistleblowers and victims. We will continue to do all of these, pro-actively.

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Web Warning is continuously used by major television network, locally, nationally and even globally. Shows like CBS Evening News, CNN, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News, Good Morning America, Inside Edition and many more used our resources to create news. Most of the local station network in USA, Canada, UK and Australia have used and are using our resources. The fact that we have helped so many different programs proves that Web Warning is a reliable source of information, needed information, for them. However, we don't stop at television media network only. Many big name magazines and newspapers from around the world have used our reports to base their story on. Some of the names would be Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Daily News, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times and more. Web Warning has also helped multiple law enforcement agencies including FBI, SEC, FTC, homeland security, US postal Inspector, US treasury, US customs and border patrol, HUD, Department of Justice, Attorney Generals’ offices, Royal Canadian mounted police, Australian Police service, Interpol, UK ministry of defence police service and other local and federal prosecutors and law enforcers.

Every Business Reported on Web Warning or the Media are NOT Necessarily Bad

Internet has liberated and freed our voices due to the equal opportunity it gives to all. From Buyers beware, the pendulum has swung and has become Sellers Beware as starting a crusade against a particular seller is takes one Facebook Post. Now, no person or business can please everyone so 100% customer satisfaction is simply a myth. There will always be the human error, employees will simply have a bad day at work. There can be management faults as well. All of these factors together will somehow upset someone. Fuelled by the need of being heard, they will flock to Web Warning. We, at Web Warning, urge our customers to file reports which are true, factual and not emotional, or simply vent their frustration, these are just rules which, like any other rule, are often broken.

This means that someone, somewhere, some day, will not obey these rules and will post about someone or something, whether true or otherwise. It is a certainty, just a matter of time. That is the truth about the society today. But, as you are understanding by now, just because someone blogged about another person or business, they don't necessarily become bad. To err is human and what those businesses do after committing these mistakes, how they tackle the complaints separates the good apples from the bad ones.

Here are some of the dozens of videos we have. The first few videos explain how Web Warning helps both the consumers and businesses. You can also watch how we got a business to refund a customer which the customer rightfully deserved. However, that needs subscription to one of our speciality programs which only a few businesses have the guts to qualify for. These businesses proactively contact Web Warning and inform us ow they want to make things right with their customers, even if the transaction was made years back. A rare news, isn't it? Not with Web Warning. Why would the businesses want to refund or compensate old customers? This is because behind every business front, there is a human operating and human make mistakes. When they realise that their mistakes are reflecting on Web Warning, they want to make things right. They want to take care of their customers and they want to show that off to present and future potential customers. Web Warning is just a facilitator of that process. This is the perfect solution. We all make mistakes but how we handle it when a complaint comes against it separates the better ones from the rest.

If you are looking to make things right and mend your ways going forward, allow us to help you. We will visit your premise, shoot videos and photos, interview you and verify your business. You need to provide a written commitment for customer satisfaction as well. Check out this video below to know more about the program.

NO complaints on Web Warning

If you have no complaints against your business and you want to show off this achievement, or let customers know how highly you value customer satisfaction when they search for you online, allow Web Warning to help us. Request us for an on-site inspection of your premise and we will let the world know how great your business is. This report can be a great weapon for your online reputation management as well. Check out the video below to know more of this program.