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Corporate Advocacy Program

How To Qualify

How To Qualify Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP)

Do You Have It In You?

If you agree with our code of conduct for complete customer satisfaction and are ready to do whatever it takes to makes the customers happy, are ready to mention the changes you have made due to past complaints and allow Web Warning to contact those unhappy customers on your behalf, then Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) is the perfect program for you.

Web Warning is an online portal for the customers to register their complaints and and for businesses to attend to those complaints, past and present ones. This design is mutually beneficial for both the customers and businesses.

For the consumers, if their complaints are valid and justified, the issues are resolved and the consumer is completely satisfied. Neither we will allow the businesses to take advantage of the customers nor will we allow the customers to exploit the businesses. For businesses, if you are attending to the customer issues, you will gain happy customers and positive PR. The probable customers, who are researching about your business, will also get to see how you handle customer complaints and take care of them. This is often a deciding factor in gaining newer clients while increasing your reputation with the existing clients.

If you believe in resolving customer complaints sincerely and honestly and you want to benefit from the advantages of Web Warning’s Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP), then here is how to qualify for that program.

Agreement & Qualification For CAP Membership

1. Agree to and abide by Web Warning’s Code of Conduct for Customer Satisfaction. We need that every member of our Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) agree to our standard of customer service, which explicitly mentions your commitment to customer satisfaction and your sincerity in honestly and openly address the issues in a mutually agreed manner. This may include,

  • Admitting your mistake even if there was nothing you could do. This is a very effective way of turning loud and ugly critics of your business to loyal and passionate customers.

  • Explain how you want to rectify the existing issues so that it doesn't happen again.

  • Fix the existing issues to customer’s delight, be it a refund issuance, further assistance or a written apology.

  • If needed, provide full or partial refund to the customer.

  • Fix or replace if a product has gone bad.

  • Provide additional services to the customer till his issue is resolved.

  • Exceed the customer expectation in every way.

  • Resolve the issues promptly, within 1-2 weeks.

In every case, it is important that you respond to the customer quickly, once you have been alerted by either Web Warning or the customer. In every case, member businesses must agree to respond to customer complaints swiftly. The acceptance mail should be sent within 24 hours, the response mail within 3-5 business days and the complaints must be satisfactorily resolved within one to two weeks from the date of receiving of customer complaint. This time can be adjusted to working days only.

Agree to Web Warning’s Verification Process

We can't do our job properly if we don't do our part of understanding the nature and scope of your business. We gain valuable insights and information about your company, the history of past and present complaints when you fill out our questionnaire. We use your responses to prepare a report on your company, stating your commitment of abiding by Web Warning’s standard of customer service and verify your business to be a part of Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) from Web Warning. None of these information we collect from you is confidential or personal information.

Our Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) is great for your business. See how you can use it.