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  • Estimated money Consumers saved since 1998: $15,449,000,000.68
  • Reports filed: 17

Corporate Advocacy Program

How It Works

We are your PR Agency, Ad Agency and Service Mediator combined into one

Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) helps you to promote your sincerity towards addressing customer complaints and mediate issues on your behalf.

Unique Advantages of CAP membership

  • Review all allegations and contact their authors to verify the unjustified, unfair, fake and biased reports.

  • Judge the truthfulness of every complaints to our best extent.

  • Expose and remove fake reports, filed mostly by competitors, disgruntled employees and malicious individuals.

  • Stop filling of fake reports by competitors by exposing their existing fake reports.

  • Contact each person who filed a report against your business and offer them a resolution in good faith, to resolve issues.

  • Stop reports from submission by addressing the issue as and when it originates.

  • Append your willingness to address issues under every report.

  • Add your side of the story and your willingness to resolve any issue to existing reports to prove that you have mended your ways and are willing to avoid them in the future.

Our Philosophy

Companies, like individuals, commit mistakes. But, people are willing to do business with companies who openly admit their mistakes, show eagerness to resolve those, learn from those mistakes and avoid them in the future. When you demonstrate these qualities, you have taken the logical first step to ensure a great customer relation and building a goodwill around your business. Only few companies are willing to go that far and build exceptional business reputation. Are you up for that challenge?