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Web Warning is a forum where customers can come and anonymously post their personal experience with a business or an individual, who, they think, have ripped them in one fashion or another. This way, customers can inform others about potential frauds, scams and shady acts. Through our service, we have saved thousands of customers and their hard earned money, either though a legitimate warning or as the report was published on Web Warning, the concerned company or individual actually addresses the issue which caused the problem in the first place.

Whether you find our services to be beneficial to the society as a whole or you have directly benefited from it in some ways, please don't forget about our services. Whether it is $5.00, $20.00 or $100.00...or something even more, every little bit helps. It goes a long in maintaining our current operations, providing us with the resources we need to help you and fund our expenses so that we can keep on providing the current services and add more positive and forward thinking services in our kitty.

How Are The Donations Used?

Website Maintenance And Advancements

Web Warning already has thousands of pages and this number is going up every day, every hour, even while you are reading this. The website has a sophisticated search function, along with fine-tuned placement capabilities. We also have a dedicated server. And, due to our nature of business, we are target of hackers who want to sabotage the site so we need to have enhanced online security as well. We regularly back up, monitor and manage our server. With advancement of technology, we also need to upgrade the existing technology. We also have plans for multiple newer features but all of those need more technical resources which aren't cheap.

General Office Equipment & Employees

After these technical resources, we also require a lot of equipments and employees to run the website. From basic office supplies to costlier devices like computers, recorders and cameras, management professionals to ensure a smooth operational office and the account department to ensure that every cent is accounted for, everything costs money. We manually go through every report to ensure that our visitors are safe from frauds, scam and identity theft and to remove the obscenity from every report which some people insert, out of frustration mostly. We receive a hell lot of reports so we need a lot of people as well to check those reports, send out communication to people who have not submitted the report properly or have filed some questionable reports. It goes without saying that we need to maintain our superb team of customer support as well and pay for that team. After all, we need people who can help our members and visitors in cases like a forgotten password or need assistance in uploading proofs. All of this ensures that that consumers and customers have a place to voice their concerns.

Legal Expenses For In-House And Outside
Our legal expenses are unthinkably high as well. As we don't remove reports just because some bully wants us to remove it and as we don't share the information of any report’s author just because someone needs it, we receive a lot of communications from people who want to know an author’s contact information or ask us to remove a particular report or threat us of suing us for a report someone else has written on our website. We also need to deal with several aspects of intellectual property claims. All of these notices and communications arrive in our legal department and we need to maintain a battery of lawyers in-house and sometimes need to consult outside counsels as well. As you know, the costs of maintaining these in-house lawyers and our outside legal counsels who handle every litigation we face can be very high.

Cost Of Offering Services To Individuals And Businesses

As we grow more, increasing number of customers and businesses approach us with different issues they are facing and we need to find and implement different solutions to resolve those problems. We have some great minds working for Web Warning and they work together to provide valuable solutions to businesses and individuals. However, we need to pay to those great minds and also pay for the resources they need.

Cost Of Informing Our Followers Of The Latest Scams & Frauds In The News

We know that nobody has the time to sit and watch the news, around the clock, around the country. This is why Web Warning’s social media channel brings the consolidated information to you. Our Facebook page and Twitter handle are regularly updated with many of the latest frauds, scams and shady offers. We also inject the much needed good vibes in these channels which we all need from time to time.

Costs Of Combating Cyber Harassment And Cyber Stalking

As we grow, many people approach us and post reports which are more of a revenge or are different forms of cyber harassment, cyber stalking or cyber bullying. As per our available resources, we assign specific staff members to review these reports, as per our current policies. When needed, we also need to do follow up communications with the author and perform different administrative tasks. As we are now more aware of these malicious efforts, we are taking proactive steps to counter these reports. This requires personal attention and requires a very high number of manpower resources. The more resource we can allocate to this, these serious and time consuming matters can be addressed more swiftly.

Why Are Donations Needed?

We Are A Consumer-Reporting News Agency, By Consumers, For Consumers.

Web Warning Works very hard for the consumers to protect their civil rights, human rights and carry on with our consumer advocacy. In the responses posted to any report on the website, we keep an eye on for certain type of abuses and help our authors to defend their rights. We often assist Govt. officials or news media with whatever information we have so they can investigate further into shady affairs. Since our inception, we have helped our customers to collect an estimated few million dollars and have prevented even more money from going to scamsters from our readers. Furthermore, thousands of customers have thanked us for warning them against dealing with suspicious businesses and individuals.

We need money from our consumers to maintain the database of these reports so that others will not be victims. We Are A Consumer-Reporting News Agency, By Consumers, For Consumers.

Web Warning has all the information you need. In order to continue our services, namely, to offer the best help to our consumers, to offer the most comprehensive information available in the country and to offer unique solution to different problems, we need YOUR HELP! The more money we can collect, the more resource we can allocate in maintaining our site, assist our consumers and publish educational articles on consumer rights. 

Help Us to Help You! We require your help so that we can be there for you in the future when you need us. While sometimes we may recommend a “suggested donation” for certain efforts from us, we are absolutely grateful for anything you can help us with. Whether it is $5.00, $20.00 or $100.00...or something even more, every little bit helps. It goes a long in maintaining our current operations, providing us with the resources we need to help you and fund our expenses so that we can keep on providing the current services and add more positive and forward thinking services in our kitty.

We are proud to be able to get the best possible outcome for our consumers and we would love any financial support you can render to us to maintain our unprecedented results.

How To Make a Donation?

Financial Contribution : The donations are completely non-tax deductible and can be sent via mail or PayPal. We love our consumers and strongly believe that appreciation of good deeds and contribution to these efforts are important. You should also tell us whether we can include your name in the list of contributors and supporters of Web Warning or you wish to remain anonymous.

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