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Consumers Say Thankyou


We created WebWarning.com to make sure well intentioned citizens and consumers were not being lied to or mistreated by big corporations and extremely powerful people. We began to realize that unethical behavior was widespread. Something was very wrong with our value system.

We are tired of people taking advantage of the consumer and we want to help you overcome the minefield of difficulties. We want to be the tool to help you get justice and to warn other unsuspecting victims of the dangers of the web and consumers.

The WebWarning.com for Consumer Advocacy Details of the Warning Come Together

We felt there were not enough resources for the common person who was mistreated, victimized, or just plainly ripped off, we want you to feel like your voice is being heard, and that your thoughts are taken seriously.


The Internet is the perfect tool to inform the general public about the mistreatment of consumers. With this vital tool, it is easy to publish and spread within a blink of an eye, the realities of certain businesses.  Publishing information worldwide is also undeniably effective, as it puts the pressure on these businesses to clean up their act. Having a bad reputation is certainly one of the most damaging things that could happen to a company. And, as our world expands to a global level, so do reputations, good or bad. Any company wants to sure they practice good business no matter where they are. WebWarning.com is here to help you.

We are committed to Your Satisfaction by ensuring that Businesses have your best interests at heart

Complaints are normal. It’s how a company deals with them that’s the most telling aspect of the quality of the company.

We believe that companies have to be completely committed to customer service to gain our approval. We need to ensure that customers are happy and that the company is doing everything they can to ensure that the consumer is being treated fairly. That is the only way we will actively recommend a company and promote their services.


When a company or individual joins a program wherein they take the steps necessary to be approved by WebWarning.com, that member business makes a commitment to us. They will ensure that you are treated fairly as the consumer.

1) That if there are any issues, complaints or grievances with the company, it is necessary that they deal with the problem in a timely and professional matter.

2) The consumer will have to feel that their problem has been taken seriously and that effective measures have been taken place to make sure that the problem will be rectified as soon as possible.

People get mistakes, we are only human, and our businesses commit to addressing consumer concerns with compassion, fairness and customer satisfaction in mind.

WebWarning.com will work with customers and businesses. If a customer requests a refund and if it is a genuine request, we expect businesses to comply happily with their request.

Of course, some refund requests may not be reasonable, so this does not mean a refund is guaranteed in every case, but WebWarning.com will always strive to help customers obtain a refund whenever possible or, they will do whatever is fair to make it right.

We work closely with the company or individual to resolve any disputes, Webwarning.com can track the footprints of customer service to ensure that companies are doing everything they can to act according to our principles.

Of course sometimes, we might not always find a solution, but 99% of the time compromises can be made in order to secure a happy and productive outcome for both parities.

Our Customer Satisfaction Program is a program for businesses that have received complaints on our forum but have vowed to take care of past complaints, have made changes to their business practices and have made the written commitment to customers that is required to businesses are committed to your satisfaction.


We take customer service very seriously. We believe that blatant failure for a member business to live up to their promises to their customers will result in a member’s benefits being taken away. We do this all the time because our standards are high, and we want the best for our consumers.

Sometimes we have to look from both sides of the situation and keep a fair and open mind in dealing with problems.

If you feel that your problems are not resolved it is always good to contact the business’ customer service department via e-mail about your problem. You should be as specific as possible with the details about your situation so that the person working to assist you can better understand the situation, sometimes all you need to do is clear a misunderstanding.

Contact us at any point, we are here to help YOU.

WebWarning.com has a few fundamental factors that we stick by.

We promise to not support fake companies and ensure the honesty of our partners at all times.

Free from scams

We have done the proper tests to assure that our companies are all real and are up to our standards, free from scams etc

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