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Work From Home Frauds

Work From Home Online Scams

If it were that easy to work only for a few hours a day from the comfort of home and earn thousands of dollars, wouldn't we all be doing it?

  • Home product assembly, mystery shoppers and envelop stuffing are mostly scams. If they ask you to pay them a small fee and to place an ad like the one you have responded to and ask others to pay you money, it is surely a scam. To know how this scam works.

  • That the company isn't directly offering you a job but is providing you the materials and training you and asking you to find customers for yourself.

  • There is no magic in work from home. Like any other profession, you need to put in hard work and dedicated time to earn handsomely.

  • Collect every information about the product or service you are about to pay for. Look for their website and more.

  • Study and verify the resumes of the founders and the management staffs of the company. If all of them are from network marketing, it is probably a scam.

  • Please check if your need a license or certificate or other legal clearance for the job.

  • Don't pay for something which doesn't have or has a dubious return policy.

  • The Ponzi scheme or the Pyramid of scam are schemes where you get money when people join under you. If the multilevel marketing company is real, it will not solely depend on sales to distributors. Profits will come from the actual service or products which you or your associates will be selling to the end user.

  • Career services to pay for are not to pay for. Legitimate job searches are always free. We have covered about the Career Service Scam in details on our website.

  • Postal jobs don't require you to pay for them. Beware if that is the case.