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Consumer Resources

Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

Protect Your Identity Online

  • Protect your financial details closely. Never share the credit card, bank card or other financial details to anyone unless you have initiated a transaction and you trust the merchant.

  • Be careful of the imposters. These con artists might look like or sound like a known bank or company you deal with but reputed merchants never call you to ask about your financial details. Always call a company phone number which you have obtained from a verifiable source and never go to a website from a link shared via email, type the URL manually in the browser.

  • Protect the information you receive via postal mails. Install a locked and secure mailbox and pick up your mails regularly.

  • Shred the offers you receive via the post once they are of no use to you. This is so nobody can pick these up from your trash can and see what's inside.

  • Lock your important documents properly. Maintain a fire safe for important documents like titles, deeds, wills, passports, financial information and your social security card. Use strong passwords to protect your electronic devices like computer, smartphone and any other device which might contain personal information.

  • Keep your PINs and passwords in your memory and not in your wallet, with the cards, car or other accessible places.

  • Keep your credit card under check even if you don't like doing it. Its like going for your annual health check up; nobody loves it but its great for everybody.

  • To know how to spot a phishing or fake site.

  • If you have been defrauded or you fear so, raise you voice and register credit card fraud complaints with the competent authorities.

  • Be proactive and know about the different con schemes going on around. Protection against credit card fraud is always better than lodging a complaint afterwards.

  • Knowledge is power. Learn how to prevent credit card theft so you can secure own and other close ones’ credit cards.

  • Nobody can issue you a credit card if you have not applied for that. If you receive such a call, be alert. This is a scam and immediately lodge credit card processing complaints at the local authorities.

How to Protect my identity Online

  • Don't rely on one security method. Use all the possible ways to prevent online identity theft. This might include online and offline ways to prevent identity theft.

  • The fraudsters are coming up with innovative schemes to rob your money. Stay updated, read the news and the recent updates on how to protect yourself against identity theft.

  • Do not click on emails received from unknown or suspicious sources. Caution is the best tool to protect your identity online.

  • Do not install software from unknown sources, do not even download them on your computer or mobile. These software and apps are often laden with a virus.

  • Google is a reliable source and search on “how to protect my identity online” during free time to know more about this issue.