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Consumer Resources

Report Telemarketing Fraud

Avoid Telemarketing Fraud: Watch out for the following

  • Time pressure, act immediately, offer valid for today only etc.

  • No written information sent or will be send

  • Intimidation, if you don't do ‘this’, “something bad” will happen.

  • Payment asked over courier or by wire.

  • Asking to pay for taxes or customs charges to claim a prize you have ‘won’.

  • Asking for financial information even if no transaction is to take place.

  • Work from home scams, make lots of money working from home.

  • Want to know how to get off the email, telemarketing or postal mailing lists? Click Here

Report Fraudulent Phone Scams

  • You should also proactively report telemarketing fraud to the competent authorities and take it online with us. Spreading awareness is the best countermeasure against them.

  • Check your credit card, land-line, cell phone and other bills for discrepancies. Do not let the telemarketers get away with telephone cramming.

  • In the same vein, always report fraudulent phone scams to the competent authorities so that they can take actions against these telecallers.

  • You should take a note of the phone number they are using. When you report telemarketing frauds, these number would help the authorities to identify them and catch them quickly.

  • Do not share personally identifiable information over the phone. Be especially cautious about your financial details. Do not even share the “last four digits”.

  • Always ensure that they know who they are calling. If they don't even know your name and asking it, it's a possible telephone cramming call. Be on guard right away.

  • Ask them where did they get your number and why do they think you are interested in their offers. If no satisfactory answer is received, report telemarketing fraud as it is highly plausible.

  • There is no easy way to make money. If there were, they would have been doing it instead of calling you. Any such promise means a fraud. Immediately report fraudulent phone scams like these.

  • Do not respond to calls where they say your computer is infected and they would clean it for a fee. They will probably install the virus, in actuality. Stay cautious and report such telephone cramming.