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Corporate Advocacy Program

Benefits Of Joining


Corporate Advocacy Program from Web Warning is best advertising and PR you can spend on, to attract new customers who are researching on your business. We work as a unique customer service channel as well.

Our CAP (Corporate Advocacy Program) is a customer relationship management, advertising, PR and customer issue resolving service moulded into one. As a participating member, not only you will gain a better image but also develop great relationship with your customers and reach the pinnacle of customer satisfaction, all of which are proven and major factors of building long-term relationship with customers.

Positive PR and Word of Mouth Publicity

As a member business, you can publicly flaunt your membership and claim that you meet the high standards of customer satisfaction set out by Web Warning. These positive and beneficial information spread quickly among the customers, online and offline, via word of mouth publicity.

With the publication of reports, issues and their solutions, potential customers will get to see how you take care of your customers. You will also benefit from the editorial comments in your favour and draw attention to the satisfactory actions you have taken. This will make the customers confident in doing business with you. Whether your business has a handful complaints or hundreds, you can always fix them and gain the reputation of being a customer centric company.

In addition, each member business will also carry the Web Warning Verified Business™ with our special Web Warning Verified Business logo (example on right). This logo and stamp makes the customer confident and encourages them to do business with you. Click here to see how this can help businesses.

Alerts and Monitoring

If you are a CAP member, you will be alerted every time a new report is filed against you or emailed to us. This helps you to get moving before more negative comments accumulate. Furthermore, as you are allowed to interact with the customers, you can ask them about the specific service or product they are unhappy about or if they are not satisfied with your employees or representatives. This information can help you to point the specific issue out and rectify it quickly, keeping your customer satisfaction undisturbed. You will gain insights on how you can improve your service, product or employees. This will also prevent a plague of negative comments on the internet.

Improve Your Customer Service & Quality Assurance

The process of handling the customer complaints will help you to change the way of doing business and suggest newer channels of customer communication, both of which will help you in bettering your customer service and service quality.

This program is for you if you rate customer service as a pivotal factor in doing great business. If you are up for the challenge, subscribe today.
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