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Advertising Standards

Web Warning Advertising Standards

Great that you decided to advertise with Web Warning. Welcome aboard! We have opportunities of banner ad and text ad placements, on almost every page of the site, for approved customers. We also have contextual ad, the ads underlined in blue, and these are third party ads.

We advocate for customer safety, so, obviously, we handle advertising very cautiously. We want our clients, who want to do business with the advertisers, to be completely safe.

Web Warning is used by, apart from the customers, Law enforcement agencies including FBI, Homeland Security, Dept. of Justice, Attorney Generals, US Postal Inspectors, IRS, SEC, national agencies of UK, India, Australia and more. With such demanding, law abiding and prestigious client list, we ensure that our advertisers are all worthy of it.

The rules are simple and are as follows:

Must be a real company

No fakes or shady characters please. We verify the existence of the company and track these companies continuously to insure that they will not take off after they have got what they wanted. No fly-by-night operators are allowed of Web Warning.

No Scam or History of Scam

Firstly, there should be no past record of scam. If there is any proven scam report against the company, they need to first address that and satisfactorily resolve it before we will allow them to advertise. In short, scammer go away!

Consumer Oriented
We only advertise services or products which can benefit the customer. Legal services, consumer-oriented publications, news, valuable products or guidance services are some of the examples. You can target minors with us. Moreover, you can't work with us if you deal in porn, gambling or quick earning schemes.

Safe Links

Once you have published an ad, connecting a particular and approved page on your site, you can't change it without our prior approval. You can't add sub-pages or remove any page element without our written consent. This is so that we can keep our customers safe. We will regularly check your landing pages for compliance.

If you can satisfy all these conditions and want to become an advertiser on Web Warning, you can start here. You will gain great ranking, will be found by millions of loyal users and can track the awesome results.