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September 21, 2016

Why Did I Start Web Warning

I started business very early in my life and I realised how even the honest businessmen like I am, justify their decisions to themselves even when the decisions are wrong. When the decision is really wrong, all I did was to shrug and call it “only business”. Actually, at times, probably I was ripping my customers as well. However, those were a handful incidents only. As time passed by, these incidents increased. As my business grew, I was having difficulties in convincing myself that what I was doing were ethical.

In the later years, I had to, unfortunately, interact and deal with unscrupulous retailers and corporations, unethical lawyers and doctors, corrupted police officers and dishonest government employees. By this time, I also came to know of others in similar situations, of other consumers and good citizens being ripped off, screwed off and mistreated by powerful people and lobbies.

I began to understand how the unethical business practices are widespread. Something was totally wrong with our value system and society.

Go Ahead And Sue Me.

I was infuriated to realise how these powerful people and lobbies engage in unethical and unscrupulous practices daringly, knowing fully well that the cost and time needed to get them using the legal system is too much for any common citizen. On these occasions where I mentioned the possibility of legal actions against these people, I was challenged defiantly, “Go ahead and sue me” or “Go ahead and prove it”.

It was one of those comments which inspired me to provide a medium to common people like me so that we could fight back. I was in the middle of a fight with one of the city government employees and I placed my case in front of the mayor and the city manager. However, instead of getting any help from them as I expected, they supported the power group against me, which was headed by the city manager himself. Understandable!

I recalled all the outrageous actions against me to the city manager and knowing that I was powerless, he arrogantly stated “go ahead and sue me”. Instead of proving it to the court, rather, I decided to prove it to the public.


Unfortunately, I have enough experiences of getting screwed. At a very early age, I started a business which had a nationwide presence. The business was very successful as well. Soon, my business has over one hundred retail shops across the country and we employed senior citizens and students from every corner. My business was doing great for myself, my employees, the community but not for my competitors.

As my business grew, I encountered increasing difficulties in dealing with government employees. I was made to run around the bush by city government who imposed arbitrary and personal interpretation of the law on me. As you can guess, their interpretation, of these laws, rules, regulations and ordinances made things more difficult for me and my business.

I soon realised that their dislike of me wasn't baseless. Their dislike was funded by my competitors, the big flower retailers. I didn't or couldn't always hire the clean shaven and good looking, charming representatives. I believed that as a business owner, it was my moral obligation to provide opportunities to that section of the society which has the lowest options to choose from.

During my fight, I completed seven full scrap books, recording my fight with the city officials over interpretations of laws which I felt were favouring my position.

Political Jealousy

During one of my next ventures, I went to a not so rich county in another state, answering a call for decent housing for local residents and state workers.  They were expanding the state prison and the mental hospital and thus, new housing were needed. Incredibly, when the city employees came to know of the properties I was purchasing, they became paranoid and looked at me, the outsider, as if I am creating a problem there. First, they judged me by my personal appearance. Then it became pure jealousy and comments like “I could have done that if he hadn’t” started to flow in. I was set back by improper actions against me and my business.

For example, I purchased an old and dilapidated hotel in the proposed HUD area. This was a town landmark but it was vacant and unkempt for years. As my building was in the proposed HUD area, I was automatically eligible for the government funds of $XXXX per apartment. With a 36 room hotel, I was about to get $YYYY! That money was to be received from the total Federal grant money received by the town.

As I was an outsider, the city council met urgently and moved the proposed HUD area just outside my property. This way, the local “good ol’ boys” would get more money for their properties. This was morally objectionable. HUD already had approved the previous plan and the HUD line was not to be shifted under any circumstances. Still, they did. To add insult to that costly injury, the HUD was not willing to enforce the law, which would benefit me, because, by this time, the HUD itself was investigated against for mishandling of funds elsewhere.

Again, the local government did what they wanted. What could I do? Fight the city government? Anyone out there with such deep pockets?

The local mayor then got all the newspapers and told them in a village hall meeting that I was channelling the mafia money. They also said how they didn't like one particular tenant I had on my property. Unthinkable!

After this irresponsible comment from the mayor himself that I was channelling the mafia money, police from a nearby town where I had property started to routinely stop my car, harass me, make discriminatory comments, detain me and violate my rights as a citizen. The local judges and lawyers were equally shabby, as they are in most of the smaller towns. If you are an outsider and you are making money, you better watch your steps.

Distrust Of The Local Government

Like our founding fathers of this country, I also maintained a distrust of the government, mostly. Most of the times, this lack of trust was directed towards the federal government. After all, it is the federal government who controls the army and has tanks, fighter jets and bombs. However, in later years, I learnt that through arbitrary and sporadic use of local regulations and laws, the local government can be dangerous, if not more dangerous,to the citizens than the federal government.

I learnt the hard way that not being the “good ol’ boy” for the local government can be hazardous for you and your business. A local lawyer, for example, who has the monopoly on information can simply withhold vital evidence and cause a wrong conviction. This is a very common happening in our legal system. Moreover, the prosecution of someone can ruin one political career and fuel another’s success. I believe that inclusion in the “good ol’ boys” list can get your a job with the local prosecutor or even save you from being prosecuted, when deserving.

I believe that our entire judicial system is plagued with people who engage in unethical business practices and rip off single and apolitical citizens. Generally speaking, until now, we didn't have a place to raise our voice against this. We have vested great powers in the police, judges and the prosecutors. We need to hold them accountable for every action they take disrespecting their vows. However, without the proper channel to raise our voice, we are simple handicapped. Too many dishonest law enforcers receive to counter-action. I am hopeful of changing this system for good.

I established the XXXX XXXX XXXX which is the publisher of Web Warning which can be found at www.warningreport.com to empower the previously powerless citizens who has legitimate and justified complaints. Web Warning caters to people who are concerned of being ripped off. This website is a place for people to exchange opinions, share comments and gain experience from others like them so they can decide whether they want to do business with any of the listed companies.

Unfortunately, in our community, most of the lawyers and businessmen focus on what they can get away with, rather than on what is justified and true. I have witnessed justifications like “after all, its only a business”. This attitude is disturbing for me, for years now.

In fact, I believe that such attitudes are reflections of the root problem the society is facing today. Most of us has lost the touch with integrity, honest and mercy. As I have learned, being politically correct is much different from being fundamentally true.

The time for the ripped off citizens has finally arrived so that they can voice their complaints and draw attention to whatever is inappropriate, rather than to be just another powerless man among million of others whose chance of receiving justice is nil. Actually, we have lost the touch with our own sense of justice. I believe that most of the times when the companies are wrong, they don't even see themselves as wrong. I want to be the voice to remind them that the temporary bottom line is never really the right thing. The right things are always based on honesty and fundamental values.

Web Warning brings attention on many problems which exist. When people are ripped off, we provide them with a forum so that they can share their experience with the world. Contrary to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Web Warning concentrates on the opposite, on identifying the businesses which are bad.

Moreover, unlike the Better Business Bureau, all the complaints are available for everyone, on their original,unedited and uncensored form. Web Warning is a vital resource to inform the consumer of companies they might deal with. I sincerely hope that this site is the last site any business would want to be mentioned on. 

I personally believe that most of the businesses who intentionally rip off innocent citizens feel safe by hiding behind the litigation jargon which intimidates anyone who want justice in that way, financially and emotionally. I have created a path in this maze. In fact, many of our users around the country have already benefited for free from our services and have collected what they deserved from unscrupulous companies. It is my belief that the new standards of this site will closely resemble and improve upon our older values when we were more interested in wholesome values.

May be, as many suggested, this site is a reality check for the organisations or a measure to keep them straight, the website they want no connexion with. For consumers, this site is a tool for getting justice and to warn other unassuming victims.

My Own Beliefs

Do for others what you want them to do for you. I have always followed and endorsed the “live and let live” principle while dealing with people, being tolerant to people whose culture, upbringing or background might be different from me. We are a melting pot, in this country and I always hated every type of discriminations against people based on their race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. I have always adhered to the golden rule and treated others fairly and honesty, in my business and in my personal life. it is actually a common sense as I believe that narrow minded people deprive themselves from their true potential.

Quote I Love: People will always protest against what they don't understand.

Thank You

Warning Report Inc.


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We simply represent the Consumer.

We are the victims' advocate.

WE are Human Rights Activists.

WE are also civil Rights Activists.

We are a global Consumer Reporting News Agency.

We are by consumers and for consumers.

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March 1, 2016

Web Warning Report for Consumer Advocacy

Details of the Web Warning Come Together

We have finally launched Web Warning after months of planning, deliberations and preparations. We are vowed to make it the most happening, exciting and demanding site for customer satisfaction.

Although Warning Report Inc. is a new company which is the founder of Web Warning and is the sole owner, we are helping consumers in different capacities for many years now, as consumer advocates. We felt that there were hardly any resources for common people who were victimized, mistreated or simply defrauded and we wanted to create a forum and a resource so that those voices could be heard worldwide.

Worldwide Reports

There is no better medium than the internet to convey the message out to as many people as possible. With this worldwide option, we feel, we will be able to expose fraudulent businesses much quicker and easier and have great impact. As the published information is available worldwide, the pressure on the organisation to repair their wrong deeds is more as well. Nobody will be eager to do business with someone who doesn't have a good professional reputation. As our global reach expands, the reputation, bad or good, spread wider. Any company who want to survive will ensure that they adopt good business practices, no matter where they operate. Web Warning is here to remind them of that.

Not Just Business

Although most of our reports are against businesses, we are not limiting our attention to them. We feel that government agencies, individuals and products and services can generally be talked about, if the reason is genuine.

Current Trends in Rip-offs: The Top Ten

Please go through our List Of Current Top Ten Scams. In this list, we have compiled and reviewed the most important reports which, we feel,need more coverage and immediate attention. These reports are personally verified by our staff members and are potentially important for others. So,we have put them in our List Of Current Top Ten Scams. If you want your report on this list, please go through our FAQ section.

That would be all folks. Stay tuned for more in the future as we grow and become the driving force behind consumer advocacy and customer satisfaction.