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Corporate Advocacy Program

About Our Program


We created our popular Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) to help businesses to address the customer complaints made on Web Warning but it also helps them to publicise their commitment in handling customer complaints and successfully resolving them.

This is beneficial for the customer as well as they feel contented to know that their complaints have been attended to and makes them confident about doing business with the member business.

How Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) Can Help You

  • Helps your business adopt a business system which rectifies past mistakes and help you reduce the mistakes going forward.

  • Changes negatives into positives by making commitment to the customers that your business is sincere in resolving customer issues and takes customer satisfaction seriously.

  • Improves your employee morale as they know they are working for an honest businessman and that you are accountable.

  • Helps to grow your business by displaying commitment, integrity and honesty in addressing customer complaints and making things right. You will receive new customers who are searching for similar services and immensely positive PR.

Is Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) the right program for you?

Businesses of every segment and size, multinational to private limited, receives customer complaints and each of them can benefit from Web Warning’s Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP). However, not every business can qualify for this program. Members of Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) must display their commitment to resolve customer complaints and meet the standards we have set and agree to the principles our program represents.

If you have any complaint against you on the internet, help is only a click away. Web Warning’s Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) is an internet based program which helps you to put a plan of making things right into action, turn negative customer experience into a positive resolution and proves to your existing and potential customers that you are committed to their satisfaction.

What Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) will NOT do for your business

Web Warning gives the customer a platform to research about businesses and the history of complaints against them, irrespective of how long ago they were registered. As every complaint is kept forever on the internet, we follow a principle of not removing the complaints, filed on Web Warning. That would be a very ineffective way of handling the issues and it will not be at all helpful to the companies.

Many companies who have complaints against them loves the opportunity of repairing the damage and protect their reputation. This is why our member businesses allow Web Warning to check the validity of the complaints by contacting their customers and work in tandem to resolve the issue to customer satisfaction, within reason. This means we spend time, resources and expertise to our members and of course, this service can not be free. This is why we provide additional services to our member businesses. These services help our members who have been reported against by explaining how the member plans to make the wrong right, what steps the member took to insure the mistake will not be committed in the future or show why the reports were false or everything was only a simple misunderstanding.

So, what our CAP membership will do for you? Click to see how it works.