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Done By a Scam? Seeking Justice?

Web Warning is a worldwide consumer reporting system. Our website and publications is pro-consumer and mostly made up of consumers’ voice where you, the consumer can file your reports and complaints. While we encourage our users to be truthful in their reports, we can not guarantee the same. We neither take any responsibility of the accuracy of these reports. All we want is that you make an informed choice. We have an exhaustive database so read all you want and then make the best decision, based on the available resources.

We, unlike Better Business Bureau, don’t hide reports even after they have been successfully attended to. These complaints, and their solutions if any, remain for public scrutiny forever. Furthermore, we don’t edit these initial words either. Together, these words form the reputation of the companies or the individuals.

We have almost every category covered. You can browse different segments, search for something particular or submit your own report, just click on File My Report.

Filling a Web Warning Report is like creating a website of your own.. The best part? It’s FREE!! Completely FREE!!

Once filed, this Web Warning report will be filed by millions of visitors to our website. Our website is search engine friendly, so your reports will be picked up by leading search engines and within a few days, they will start to reflect in the search engine result page (SERP). Whenever someone is searching for related news, your Web Warning report will be there, as a guide.

We protect the Consumer

Web Warning helps you before you do business with retail stores who don’t have a good return policy, restaurants which don’t know what good food is, corrupt officials and politicians, credit card frauds, unethical doctors, lawyers or engineers, online stores selling non-existing products, landlords and tenants, home builders, fraudulent employment and businesses, overseas investment opportunities, and other con artists who come up with innovative scams all the time.

Notifying the Authorities and Filing a Class Action Lawsuit

In fact, many law enforcement agencies use Web Warning reports to help them in investigations. When you file a report, you might actually be helping some agency to pursue civil or criminal proceeding against unscrupulous businesses and individuals.

We have been contacted by law enforcement offices from around the country to help them with more information.  We have even been contacted by foreign law enforcement officials to aid them in their investigation.

Media Attention on Web Warning

Web Warning has been contacted by the media often and has been requested to help them with a certain investigation so that the affected party can benefit from the media attention and coverage of his or her plight. When a media house shows interest in a certain case, we put the victim in contact with them.

We often supply intriguing scam stories to the media houses proactively, including major national channels, local cable channels and also the TV news Magazines, along with most of the national dailies.

Helping the individual or business which has been reported against.

My business has been reported against, I want to respond…

If you have been reported against, as an individual or as a business house, you will get fair chance to represent your side of the story. In fact, if done with a touch of intelligence, these reports can turn beneficial for you. Like the free reporting system, we also have a FREE REBUTTAL system. Note the “Respond to this report” at the top of every report. A good business is known by how well it handles the complaints they receive.

You can also use Web Warning VIP Arbitration Program if you wish to take these complaints very seriously. VIP Arbitration gives you a chance to prove, via a neutral arbitrator, that the allegations made against your business are false and baseless.

Web Warning developed the VIP arbitration program to help people who built a business with honest hard work. We won’t let someone misuse our platform to tarnish the clean image which you built over years.

Web Warning neither has the resources nor is willing to investigate these reports internally. So, we came up with this free rebuttal program. However, some of the affected business owners felt that this is simply not enough, they should be able to prove these allegations wrong, dismissively. That can be done via independent investigations. We listened to you and launched the VIP Arbitration program for you.

Let us tell you how it works. We have contacted private arbitrators, including retired judges, who have ample experience in handling these cases. The business owner needs to submit, in written, the facts in the report which are either false or misleading. You can also prove that the writer of the report is a business competitor, rather than a customer. You will be asked to support your claims to with evidences and declarations. The VIP arbitration is available for a fee of $2000 only.  This is to pay for the arbitrator’s time and administrative charges. The original reviewer will be given the chance to respond and you will be given the chance to counter-respond.

The arbitrator then reaches a final decision, after weighing every evidence. If the arbitrator finds the reports to be true, these will be no changes in the report on the website. However, if the arbitrator finds the report to be wholly or partially false, then we will put a notice above the report which says, “An independent and neutral arbitrator has found one or more false facts/statements in the following report and those parts of the report has been redacted” We will also publish a summary of the arbitrator’s final decision, just under the headline of the report.

If you think that you need this program for yourself, please follow this link to learn more.

Web Warning also has the Corporate Advocacy program. Businesses which want to reach the next level needs to know about the highly successful and innovative programs which the customers are raving about. Once you are a member, the customer will have extra confidence while doing a business with you as your business will be verified and endorsed by Web Warning. For more information on this program, click here.

Thinking of suing Web Warning?

If you are considering such a possibility, you can click here to learn the federal laws. If you really want to sue us, you can read this link.

Employee / ex-employee information

If you were associated with or working for an individual or a company which has been reported against, please click on Rebuttal box at the end of the Web Warning report on the same entity. These information are very valuable for the investigation.


Employees who want to expose the evil company they work for can easily do so by submitting a Web Warning report and they will be protected by the Federal Whistleblower laws. Moreover, their identity will be kept secret by us. This is your right under the first amendment of our constitution.

Doing business with reported Companies or individuals

Just because a business or an individual has been reported on Web Warning, doesn’t mean you should totally stop business with them. Just because there is a report against someone on Web Warning, doesn’t prove them to be bad. In fact, there might be moments when we mistakenly feel ripped off. Not everything which appears on the internet, newspapers or the TV channels is true. Many stories, most stories in fact, have a biased representation. While preparing a TV news within 2 minutes or a newspaper article which has a 200 word limit, important factors are ignored and that can change the whole story. This is why we give unlimited space and don’t edit the original reports. We make the original, unbiased story available for all. Our competitors might want to tell you differently but we are the best source of first-hand, unedited consumer reports and reviews. A wise customer will take every information he can gather into account before making a purchase decision or doing business with someone. You can tell the business that you have read the reports against them and still you would like to do business with them and that you need assurance that the facts reported in those reports won’t be truth in your case as well. Also tell them that if they cater to you properly, you will go to Web Warning and tell your experience to the world, a word of mouth publicity which no business will be able to resist. Every business commits mistakes and it is the way of handling the aftermath and the sincerity in rectifying the mistakes which make the great business stand apart.


Sending a copy of the Web Warning report to the company might give you a great negotiation edge. Tell them in flat words that you have the power of updating the Web warning report and if they treat you right, you WILL update the report positively. Tell them that you will tell the world how earnestly they wanted to resolve the issues and satisfy the customers and make things right. Do tell them that the reverse will be reported as well.

You should not, however, call them to threaten them, like, telling them that you will file a complaint if they do not cater to your demands as that will be classified as blackmail, something which we seriously demote. File the report first and then only ask them if they want a chance to rectify the mistake and that you will update the report depending on their actions.

Bringing On class action lawsuits
Victims & Their lawyers who want to send legal notices to the companies or individuals reported On Web Warning

Victims and their lawyers who want to proceed with legal charges against the individuals and companies reported on Web Warning can directly Contact Us. It would be unethical to approach them using other channels, basing on Web Warning reports. This would be fair as we will know that our readers are not taken advantage of.

If you are willing to bring on a class action lawsuit against anyone who has been reported and you wish to be class representative, we will help you by emailing you the details of the victims who have agreed to, and has given you the permission to contact them. This way, we will protect the identities of the victims while they make up their mind whether to participate in the class action lawsuits or not.

Furthermore, if you wish to know if any new report has been posted against the party who you plan to sue, you can choose our Web Warning Alerts program. Contact us to know how to get the best from this latest offering from Web Warning.

We are willing to help every victim and we will help them and their attorneys to get justice and stand up for their rights. The victims and their attorneys can send their emails to Legal@webwarning.com.

Web Warning Reports help government and media channels so don’t hesitate to file your reports

There are many sites and organizations who want to collect the information from you, the victim, but many a times these reports don’t see the light of the day. Listing your reports with Web Warning insures that they will be made public and will be seen by millions of our visitors. Our database, unlike other competing websites, is not for exclusive few.

Multiple government agencies use Web Warning for information on individuals and companies. We have and will continue to assist the government law enforcing agencies, including the police departments, from around the country.

Since all there reports are there in the open, anyone who is looking for them, including journalists, investigators and attorneys, can see them and anticipate potential problems. We provide free, unedited, unlimited and immediate access to each report on all types of frauds and scams to everyone.

Bar getting your plight reported on the newspaper or the TV, reporting your experience on Web Warning is the best thing you can do for yourself. In fact, reporting the incident on Web Warning might trigger a chain of media attention, including coverage on local and national TV channels and national newspaper coverage. They come to us because they know our reports are the most reliable and we completely cooperate with them. Media houses know that what they will get at Web Warning, they will not get anywhere else.

When you file a Web Warning report, we might call you to tell you that a major law firm has shows interest in your case and they need your permission to proceed. Every week, we receive dozens of class action lawsuit initiation request and we do our best to bring the victims together so that they can stand for their right united.

Get an Individual or company listed at the top of Web Warning report.

If there are more than 5 reports against any individual or a company, from 5 different victims, they will be considered to be repeat offenders and will be listed at the top of Web Warning report. However, we will, at first, verify that these reports are indeed filed by 5 different victims. You can send your request for the same to editor@webwarning.com.

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